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Bringing together a unique combination of period and contemporary expertise, we offer the essential components and skills that will make your car competitive in today’s historic rally scene.

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One of the most experienced rally preparation experts in the business, Jim was responsible for service and build work on many of the original Talbot works cars.


His subsequent career has included time with several major teams as well as support for drivers like Blomqvist, McRae, Lovell, Brookes, Sainz, and of course, Toivonen.

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In 2010 former British Group 1 Champion Robin Eyre-Maunsell entered the Roger Albert Clark Rally.


Preparation included a testing session in Greystoke forest.


Play the film to see how it went.

Long time enthusiast Michel Civade organised and hosted a celebration of works cars in France. A fantastic event that took over the small town, it was easily the largest gathering of true works cars since they left the factory.


Find out more at Retro Speed.

Roger Albert Clark Rally

Ex Works Cars together

Jim Little

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What we offer

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Just how well do today’s historic rally events compare with the great RAC rallies of the past?


This eBook takes three period reports of one man's RAC rally exploits in 1960, 1978 and 1982, and contrasts them with his son's experiences of their modern day equivalents; HERO’s LE JOG and the Roger Albert Clark rally. ‘Little Victories’ recounts competing at a clubman level in the context of each event as a whole, and the changing face of rallying in general.  

Little Victories on Amazon Kindle

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